Staff forum

The Watford Mencap Employee Forum provides a framework whereby employees and senior management can exchange information and ideas in an open and co-operative atmosphere. All parties have the interest of Watford Mencap as a whole at heart and continue to strive to make this Organisation a fun, challenging, and satisfying place to work.

 The Forum covers all Watford Mencap employees including temporary employees. Forum representatives are directly elected by their employee group and have a responsibility to raise any issue brought up by a co-worker if suitable for the Forum process. We meet on average every two or three months, it is our responsibility to listen to the views of staff, and to represent them fairly.

 Watford Mencap as an organisation greatly values its staff, their thoughts, and any potential input that could make positive changes to the harmony between management and staff, and the organisation as a whole. Recently we helped put on a staff development day which brought all parts of the business together for one day at the Niland Centre in Bushey. Overall feedback was very positive and the Forum is looking at new ways to involve management and staff together.