Rose Kreloff shows off an unusual donation - a reproduction phonograph


Calling all Ebayers! If you are selling items on Ebay for your own account you can still help us by donating a percentage [from 10% to 100%] of your final sale price to Watford Mencap.

And as Charity items also receive a refund on fees, you would save money on your own fees. For example, if you donate 20% of your final selling price, eBay will waive your fees by 20%. Plus eBay gives extra visibility to charity listings and it has been proven that listings bearing the charity ribbon attract more interest and more bids, often selling for more than similar non-charity items.


This is how it works

  • eBay for Charity listings are the same as any other listing apart from the special blue and yellow ribbon that will appear next to the listings in the search results. Watford Mencap’s logo and mission statement will appear at the top of your listing.


  • As you are completing the details of your listing, look for the charity box just below where you set your starting price.


  • Select a percentage to donate, from 10 - 100% (minimum donation £1) and then select Watford Mencap as your chosen charity.


  • The first time you donate, eBay will show a random selection of charities, so you may need to use the 'Select Another Charity' button located in this section to find us.


  • Once you have chosen Watford Mencap, we will come up automatically on the list every time, but you don't have to donate every time you sell!

  • Once you have chosen your percentage, eBay and Missionfish take care of the rest. About three weeks after the sale is finished, Missionfish will automatically transfer the amount donated directly from your account to ours and then let us know - it really couldn't be simpler.