Tenant being supported with food A place to live

Support to live in your home

Watford Mencap has a small number of properties that people with learning disabilities can rent.

There are 4 one-bedroom flats and 2 houses that people share.

Tenancy Available March 2018

There is a tenancy available. it would suit a lady who would like to share with the current female tenant. The flat is on the first floor. 

For more details please click on this link to find out more and then get in touch.

 There is currently support in this home for all evenings people are home and overnight with a worker sleeping in on the ground floor.


Support can be how you need it

A named Support Worker from Watford Mencap visits the tenants every week to help them live independently.

This is called housing-related support, and is funded through the Supporting People Programme.

The type of help people need is different but can include –

  • Reading post, paying bills and managing a budget
  • Keeping healthy and well
  • Keeping safe and getting on with neighbours
  • Information about leisure, employment, and the community
  • Life skills development
  • Assistance to manage household tasks

If you would like to talk to someone about this please contact Beth Smith, Operations Manager, bsmith@watfordmencap.org.uk