Watford Mencap members raise funds whilst packing at Sainsbury’s

On Friday 27th August, members of Watford Mencap’s Summer Playscheme spent an afternoon at Sainsbury’s, Dome Roundabout, packing and raising funds for Watford Mencap’s services.

In just four hours, the group of teenagers managed to raise £229.13 and they all really enjoyed the day.

Ro Linton, Children’s, Young Peoples and Families Services Manager, explained:

‘This kind of activity helps our young people understand about money. They can take pride in the fact that they can help themselves and others to have fun with Watford Mencap’.

This money will go towards funding the various services which Watford Mencap Children’s Centre provides. Every year Watford Mencap needs to raise over £200,000 to support its Children’s Centre and other projects. Fundraising efforts such as these are crucial. Thank you to all the members of Playscheme who worked hard to raise this money.

Sainsbury’s Dome Roundabout has chosen Watford Mencap as their local charity partner of the year and will be carrying out various fundraising events during the year, aiming to raise £5000.

Posted on Wednesday, 1st September 2010