Fantastic Investors in People Report

Watford Mencap was extremely happy with the most recent Investors in People (IIP) report. Back in October IIP visited Watford Mencap and interviewed many of its staff, volunteers and trustees. Investors in People is a flexible, tailored and easy-to-use people management standard. They help businesses to achieve objectives by developing and harnessing the skills of people.

The report described Watford Mencap as:

‘Well structured, with a supervisory process which regularly facilitates and supports generally very good communication throughout. The charity’s strengths continue to be the cultural elements of the Standard, specifically equality of opportunity and the involvement and empowerment of employees and service users alike.’ 

The report went on to say:

‘There was very good evidence of effective team-working and generally approachable managers who take the development of their employees as seriously as the support provided to their service users. This is a competent workforce who are extremely committed to the organisation and who derive immense job satisfaction from the work they do.’

The report also drew attention to recent improvements in the organisation, including the recruitment process which now focuses more on competency as opposed to experience. This has reportedly resulted in a better calibre of employee and greater diversity of skill set and knowledge.

Posted on Thursday, 15th December 2011