It’s time to fill in your Census Form – It’s Important!

A census is a count of the population and we have had one in the UK every ten years to find out more about who we are as a nation.  The census will take place on the 27th March and everyone should have received their questionnaire by now.

Everyone is asked questions to find out what services like schools, hospitals and roads are needed in each area.

There are two ways you can fill in the census. You can answer the questions on the internet or you can fill in the paper census form.  You are required by law to fill in the census and there will be a £1000 fine if the census form is not filled out and sent back.

If you have a learning disability and are struggling to fill in your census form, you can book an appointment with Watford Mencap and someone will help you answer the questions. To book an appointment please contact Rose on 01923 713627.

Posted on Thursday, 24th March 2011