About us

Our Vision

Watford Mencap provides support and services to people with a learning disability and their families in Watford, Three Rivers and Hertsmere.

We are an independent charity, affiliated to Royal Mencap and are self-funding, raising all our own funds.

Our Mission

Enabling people with learning disabilities and their families to make the most of life. To help make this happen we will:

· Support people to enjoy choice and control over their own lives, to enable them to work towards fulfilling their life ambitions and to achieve their potential

· Provide a range of high quality, individually tailored services that focus on the individual and their family

· Support people to obtain their rights and to understand their responsibilities as members of society

· Recognise that people have skills, abilities and expertise and use these to inform our growth and progress

· Campaign to ensure the rights of people with a learning disability and their families are respected and to ensure that they have access to the services they need, to challenge the boundaries of discrimination

· Involve and include people in evaluation and decision making at all levels within Watford Mencap

Our Values

We are INCLUSIVE People with learning disabilities are at the heart of everything that we do.

We are RESPECTFUL We work in a person centred way, whilst listening to the views of all.

We are WELCOMING We are approachable and value all.

We are PROGRESSIVE We promote learning to support everyone to achieve their potential.

We are CHALLENGING Through our work we will push the boundaries for individuals, organisations and society.

What We Do & How

Watford Mencap works with people with learning disabilities, their families and carers. We believe that people with a learning disability have the right to enjoy equal opportunities and be valued as members of society, enabling them to lead the life they want for themselves. Watford Mencap currently has a service user and carer base of 800 people. 

Although affiliated to Royal Mencap, Watford Mencap is an independent self-financing local charity supporting people with a learning disability in Watford, Three Rivers and Hertsmere. Services are provided by 120 staff and casual workers plus 80 volunteers, and are supported by a fundraising department and a Finance and HR.

We have made a firm commitment to personalisation and put the service user at the heart of what we do. Watford Mencap is constantly changing the way that we work to provide individually tailored services to meet the specific needs of the people we support equipping them with tools needed to live a happy life.

If you would like to talk to someone at Watford Mencap please call us on 01923 713620 or email admin@watfordmencap.org.uk